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A Lesson to the greedy

a-lesson-to-greedyKrishnadevaraya’s mom was a very orthodox woman. She had visited many holy locations and had performed non secular rites; she had given much in charity. as soon as she wanted to provide fruit in charity and informed so that you could her son. Krishnadevaraya who had great recognize for his mom instantly bought scrumptious mangoes from Ratnagiri. but on the auspicious day when she used to be to existing these fruits to Brahmins, the king’s mother died.
The non secular rites related with her loss of life went on for a couple of days. meanwhile, the king called a couple of Brahmins and mentioned, “My mom’s last want was once to offer mangoes to Brahmins. but she died earlier than the wish might be fulfilled...

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Tales of Tenali Ramakrishna

history-tenali-ramanTenali Ramakrishna, popularly known as Tenali Rama, was a courtroom-poet of Krishnadeva Raya of the Vijayanagara Empire. He used to be identified for his wit and bold poetry written in the Telugu language. Ramakrishna was referred to as a vikata kavi and he was one of the crucial Ashtadiggajas of the Vijayanagara court docket. He was additionally an ideal scholar of a number of languages that included Telugu, Marathi, Tamil and Kannada.

Ramakrishna was once born in a village in Andhra State all over the early a part of the sixteenth century. He lost his father when he was once very younger. He used to be a very carefree youngster. From morning until evening he was within the company of naughty boys. Sooner or later, Ramakrishna met a sadhu who advised him to wish mom Kali...

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Tenali Rama and Brinjal Curry

Tenali-Rama-and-Brinjal-curry’Sri Krishna Devaraya’ was the emperor of vizayanagra. He had eight Pundits in his ‘Astana’ ‘Tenalirama’ is one among them. He is very clever and spontaneous.

’Sri Krishna Devaraya’ had growing some special kind of brinjal plants in his garden.
The brinjal is of very rare kind and its curry is very tasty. And ’Sri Krishna Devaraya’ like the curry very much. Since the plants are only few the gardens was provided with high security. No one was allowed to view the plants without the king’s permission also.

Once the king arranged dinner for his pundits and in which the brinjal was cooked served. Tenali Rama enjoyed the brinjal Curry very much and went home.
But he is unable to forget the taste...

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Tenali Rama Hides

tenali-rama-hidesTenali Rama was suddenly awakened one night by some noises. He saw that two thieves have entered his house. They were still at the gate. Tenali Rama acted quickly. He woke up his wife and said that thieves have come for theft. He asked her to just say yes to whatever he says. His wife agreed.

As Rama realized that the thieves were near their window, he said to his wife, “I am now relieved about our huge treasures that our emperor has bestowed on us. They are safe in a trunk and we have placed it in the well. No person in this word can guess where we have hidden our possessions. Now we can sleep peacefully.” His wife said, “Yes, you have come up with a brilliant idea of hiding our treasures in our well.”

Listening to this the thieves went near the well...

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